Our Services

Leisure time

Tennis (a  shared court for cottages Justiina and Hermanni) •  lake fishing • rapids fishing • ice fishing • picking berries and mushrooms • rowing • hiking (4 natural parks with 50 km distance) • cross country -skiing (20-40 km maintained track) • snowshoe walking  • kicksleding

Ikaalinen Spa 40 km, Ähtäri Zoo 80 km,  Ellivuori Ski Center 100 km, Himosvuori Ski Center 150 km.

 By order

Catering • horse riding • canoing • guided hiking and fishing trips• skiidoo driving (250 km of tracks), a skiidoo rentable

Please contact usand ask more!

Our services

Bed linen 15 €/person (incl. duvet cover, bottom sheet, pillow case, bath towel)

Final cleaning

Villa Hermanni, Villa Emma, Villa Justiina 150 €

Villa Julius 250 €

Even if you have booked a final cleaning, please leave the cottage in such a tidy basic condition that it is possible to make it ready for the next guests with normal cleaning.

Pet fee 50 €/pet

Hot tub fee 80 €/reservation

Snow mobile 150 €/day + fuel

Motor boat 20 hv 250 €/week

Petro engine 3,5 hv 100€/week

Electric engine 50 €/week

Bicycle 8 €/bike/day, 40 €/bike/week

Snow shoes 5 €/day

Tennis racket 5 €/racket/day

Karaoke equipment 40 €/reservation

Lake shore sauna for the guests of Villa Julius 75 €/weekend, 150 €/week

Villa Hermanni outhouse for two persons (year-round) 75 €/weekend, 120 €/week

Villa Emma summerhouse for two persons 75 €/weekend, 150 €/week

Villa Emma wlan 15 €/weekend, next days 3 €/day

Fishing equipment according to agreement

Activities through our partners for additional fee

  • riding lessons, terrain horse riding
  • canoeing, wilderness guide services
  • rock climbing in national park
  • husky safaris
  • equipment rental

Basic services

Doctor’s appointment and pharmacy are available in Parkano and Kihniö. More detailed contact information in the cottages.



  • K-Market Maurintori, Kihniöntie 12, Kihniö
  • SIWA Kihniö, Kihniöntie 51, Kihniö
  • SIROLA CENTER, Kihniöntie 20, Kihniö
  • Asusteliike ANMAI, Kihniöntie 18, Kihniö


  • S-Market Parkano, Humalankatu 1,Parkano
  • K-SUPERMARKET, Keskuskatu 9, Parkano
  • LIDL, Humalankatu 2, Parkano
  • Halpa-Halli, Teollisuustie 2, Parkano
  • SIWA Parkano, Toivolankatu, Parkano
  • EURO HAMSTERI, Pahkalantie 1, Parkano
  • Chez S’Elina, Keskuskatu 9, Parkano
  • Veikon Kone Parkano, Viljakankatu 30, Parkano
  • Tekniset Parkano, Keskuskatu 7, Parkano
  • SILMÄASEMA Parkano, Parkanontie 51, Parkano
  • Instrumentarium Parkano, Parkanontie 45, Parkano

In the neighbourhood

Handicraft shops

  • Puukettu, Uudenholmantie 39, Linnankylä
  • Tilapuoti Dyrfinna, Haukkalantie 60, Parkano
  • Kiuluverstas, Kiuluverstaantie 62, Lapinneva
  • Puumilan Taitotalo, handicrafts and lunch, Kuruntie 1-3, Kihniö
  • RUUSUPORTTI – Interior decoration and handicrafts, Hahkamäenkatu 2, Parkano
  • KEHRÄÄMÖ SALO-ANGORA (Spinning mill), Itä-Aureentie 1068, Itä-Aure
  • Käsityöpaja Paula Koivisto, Pannukorventie 2-15, Linnankylä
  • Parkanon Kehräämö, Kuttikallionkuja 6, Parkano

Hiking, fishing

National parks SeitseminenHelvetinjärviLauhanvuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas are situated appr. 50 km from the cottages. The nearest national park is Seitseminen national park, which is only 10 km from Villa Julius.

21 km cross-country ski track/hiking route in Kihniö.

Käenkoski Ski Center in Parkano.

Good fishing opportunities in the area. The lakes are great for fishing zander and the rapids in Kihniö and Parkano serve you for fishing trouts.

Attractions for families

House of Ti-Ti Nalle Family, Ikaalinen: e.g. for children painting, practicing joinery work, dancing, hearing the silence, playing different kinds of instruments, learning the notes and lots of more.

Särkänniemi amusement park, Tampere

Other attractions

Dancing in Käenkoski Dance Hall in Parkano, 20 km from Villa Hermanni and Villa Justiina, 23 km from Villa Emma and Villa Julius.